After quite a few years of plain old business networking, this old dog is going to try to learn social networking. Can the same rules be applied to networking online? This simple blog post marks the beginning of that journey. Lots of learning for me, and I hope to pass on some of that learning to you.

Can this old dog learn new tricks?

Am I late to the party? Weren't blogs so last year? I'm happy with the new website. It looks flashy, and the pics are great. But, I'm more excited about sharing some of the story of LooCube. Can I learn to keep a blog? Post messages on Facebook? Can I manage to engage with readers enough to make the exercise worthwhile?

Small realistic goals.

Our goal is to deliver quality content of real value to our small number of followers.

What can a company that sells Washroom Solutions expect to share that will attract a large following? Well, I'm not that ambitious with the blog. I'm not expecting to reach a huge audience. The simple goal is to deliver occasional content of real value to a small number of readers. The challenge for me is to slowly grow the LooCube online network so that it reflects the many offline business relationships, friendships, and satisfied customers that LooCube already enjoys. That can't be hard. Right?

Keeping it real.

first blog post I came across the brilliant 12 Word Social Media Policy adopted by the Mayo Clinic. I could read pages and pages of guidelines and advice and this couldn't say it any better. Good enough for the Mayo Clinic? I think this is a good policy for LooCube too. It matches very well with our core values of respect.
  • Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry
  • Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete
  • Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal

Your Feedback is Required.

The aim here is not a win/win situation, but instead a more modest learn/learn situation. I hope to share useful information with you, and in return, to learn from you. I'd love to learn about what posts interest you, what type of information you'd like to see more of, and how I can help make your LooCube experience better. Please, take a moment to like this post on Facebook, or to comment in the box below. Thanks!

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  1. Bob
    Jun 14, 2012 at 08:43 PM

    Good luck with the new blog Paddy. I'll be following with some interest.

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